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Seamed Sweater: Make the Mirehouse Pullover

Seamed sweaters are a classic for a reason, but they can be intimidating. How do you know it’s going to fit if you can’t try it on? How do you sew those pieces together straight anyway? What about the curved armholes?! Fear not: seamed sweaters are not scary, and the magic of seams is that they add beautiful structure and stability to garments. Plus, they’re more portable! Join Stephanie for an eight-part class that will take you through all the steps of making a seamed masterpiece, teach you how to sew beautiful seams, and unveil the secrets of two-at-a-time sleeves. The Mirehouse Sweater is a classic crew design with optional cuffed sleeves and a subtle knit-and-purl pattern on the front. Over eight classes, we will cover:

  • 9/12 - seamed sweater construction/theory, measuring a gauge swatch, determining size, and casting on the front
    • Come to class with your gauge swatch finished. See homework note below.
  • 9/19 - chart reading
    • Come to class with front ribbing knit (make sure to bring larger long needles to class)
  • 9/26 - armhole & neck shaping
    • Come to class with the front knit up to 14.5-15.5” (or length desired for your size); stop before the directions at Shape Armholes
  • 10/3 - shoulder shaping & starting sleeves two-at-a-time
    • Come to class with front knit up til before “Shape Shoulders” heading (make sure to bring smaller long needles to class)
  • 10/17 - sleeve top shaping
    • Come to class with sleeves knit up til before Shape Top section
  • 11/7 - seaming shoulders & picking up for neck
    • Note the long break—come to class having knit the entire back!
  • 11/14 - setting in the sleeves
    • Come to class with both sleeves cast off and the collar of the sweater complete
  • 11/21 - finishing the sides seams and thus the sweater!

Note that classes are spaced out by 1-3 weeks depending on how much knitting you are expected to complete by the next class.

Materials for the first class:
  • Purchase pattern Fiona Alice’s Mirehouse Sweater on Ravelry here
  • Yarn: this pattern is knit in heavy worsted or aran yarn. Great options from the shop would be Cascade 220, Knitting for Olive Heavy Merino, or Studio Donegal Soft Donegal. Yardage required is 875 - 1225 yards depending on size (see pattern for measurements)—if you’re unsure about size, we can check on the first day of class.
  • Circular needles: 1 pair 5mm (US 8) 32” circular needles (or size to obtain gauge) and 1 pair 4.5mm (US 7) 32” circular needles and 4.5mm (US 7) 16in” circular needle (or size to obtain gauge)
  • Set of removable stitch markers (safety pin style) and darning needle

***Homework for the first class on 9/12:***
Please come to class having knit and blocked a stockinette gauge swatch. If you don't block it, it won't be accurate! We'll measure and calculate your size in class. Gauge is always important with garments, but especially when we can’t try a garment on as we go, so we’re going to make a slightly larger gauge swatch (5” x 5”) to ensure a good fit. Since the gauge we're aiming for with Mirehouse is 17 sts and 25 rows, you can cast on 28 stitches on US 8 needles. Knit three rows in garter to anchor the bottom edge of the swatch, then switch to stockinette (knitting on the RS, purling on the WS) but keep working the first 3 and last 3 stitches of every row in garter (knitting both RS and WS). Knit 34 rows in stockinette and then finish with three rows in garter before binding off. Then block it by washing it as you will your sweater, wrapping it in a towel and pressing on it to remove water (I like the burrito method), and laying flat to dry! For more guidance and photos, Ysolda has a lovely in-depth explanation on how to knit and block your swatch here.
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This class is recommended for knitters with at least one garment under their belt, but don't worry if don't know how to read a chart yet, you'll learn!
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Seamed Sweater: Make the Mirehouse Pullover

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